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From 1st May 2014 onwards, the Authority of Thailand will require all passengers traveling to Thailand to purchase a travel insurance issued by the insurance company in Thailand. Therefore, every passenger who purchases the bus tickets from Singapore and Malaysia to Thailand at online "might" be required to pay an additional amount of MYR5 / SGD2 before boarding in the bus.
Enjoy Admin Fee Waiver up to 4% for Plusliner Coach Tickets

Plusliner, dubbed as the King of Highway Express more than 10 years ago has been cruising along our major highways, connecting major towns and brings people closer to each other. From Bukit Kayu Hitam up in the North to Johor Bharu down in the South and Kuantan in the East, countless satisfied passengers gave their thumbs up to Plusliner for the kind of service which is a class of its own.

With a fleet of modern and comfortable coaches, passengers are being assured of timely departure and arrival with a schedule as frequent as every 20 minutes. The specially designed coaches meet all safety requirements whilst the deco reflects the young and vibrant spirits. Whether you are travelling alone or with a company, Plusliner was the first to offer a unique seating arrangement selection with its solo or couple seater options.

Tickets are available up to 60 days in advance for single, return or multiple journeys from our extensive outlets. Their highly trained Coach Captains are committed to take you along with your belongings to set destinations in a safe, comfortable and timely fashion.

So whether your next journey is for business or pleasure, going solo or with a company, let Plusliner takes your there.

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